Saturday, July 20, 2013

Walk this way... DIY Paver Walkway

One walkway done... one more to go. Can you believe my husband did this? He's handsome and handy!

It certainly was back-breaking work for him.  Hard to believe this was the first time he ever built a walkway.  The toughest part is in the prep work.

I'm so glad I picked these cobblestone pavers.  They really are beautiful and go so well with the house.  Poor old house was so neglected before we bought it.  It deserves to be beautiful!

I'll have better pictures and more information on this project after he finishes the second walkway.  The other walkway has a pretty big curve so his natural talent will be put to the test! 

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wow, he did a great job. Looks professional. I love your big old home. My kind of dream home that I would love to own. So glad you stopped by so I could find your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim: Thanks so much. My husband seems to be good at everything he tries. Lucky for me since I have so many ideas. He just doesn't have enough time to do them all. I'm so excited you stopped by! I just love your blog.


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