Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Porch Tour - Traditional Fall Porch Decorations

I'm so excited to share my fall porch decorations with you.  It's getting cold here in New England and I'm trying not to think about putting all my pretty porch furniture away for the winter.  I'm going to get every moment of enjoyment that I can out of my lovely Victorian porch before the cold winter weather takes over.

I love my old house and have been collecting a hodgepodge of antiques over the years for it.  My porch reflects the different things I've gathered over the last decade.  I have mostly old things but I change it up with some new items like the white garden seat I bought this summer.

I've read it's good Feng Shui to have two large heavy objects flanking your front entrance like guardians.  My ornate white metal urns remind me of soldiers standing on guard.  My husband purchased them for me as a gift so I really love them.



I couldn't resist this goofy painted pumpkin.  It looks like he has Pepperoni Pizza for a nose!

I put a few gourds and little pumpkins in my TJ Maxx bargain find lantern I purchased for $7 on clearance!

This old gray metal planter is another gift from my sweet husband.  I saw it at junk shop in town and he went back and got it for my birthday!  I'm so lucky.


The little cement bunny is in memory of my pet house rabbit, Ernie.  We had him for 9 years and he was litter-box trained.  They make great pets, are very smart and social creatures and shouldn't be left outside alone.

The fountain runs in the summer.  We empty it once it gets too cold.  :-(  I love the sound of water.  It's so relaxing and helps block other sounds.




 I hope you've enjoyed my porch tour!  Have a wonderful fall!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday - Gorgeous de Gournay Wallpapered Rooms In The Colors Of Fall

The colors of fall are so warm and beautiful.  They make you want to layer on the comfy clothes and sit by a big, cozy fireplace with a cup of tea. 

Please relax and enjoy these de Gournay wallpapered rooms in the colors of fall.  They are so stunning!


This gorgeous de Gournay wallpaper is so warm and inviting in its burgundy and gold.  You can use de Gournay wall coverings to create the perfect, warm statement rooms that center your home and give you a color scheme to build from. 

Here's a couple more de Gournay wallpapers that just blow me away in their gorgeous detail.

The rooms above have really used black and orange in an elegant way.

The gold damask looks so rich with the fireplace and detailed ceiling moldings.

I think this last photo and the first are my two favorites.  Just love the detail in the rich, warm wallpapers.  Some day I hope to have a dining room wallpapered with de Gournay chinoiserie.

If you want to enjoy more de Gournay wallpapers go to the de Gournay site. 

Thank you for sharing my love of beautiful wallpapers!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

I love fall and it just so happens I'm lucky enough to live in the most beautiful place to enjoy it; New England!  The vibrant colors of fall are breathtaking as the leaves show off their last big display of beauty before our long, cold winter.  It's a long winter here in the North East so we really go all out to enjoy our fall. I'm getting ready to decorate my porch for fall this weekend and have been looking for some inspiration.
Please enjoy some of these beautiful porches decorated for fall:

Lovely fall in Maine Porch by Melinda Jennings. The black planters look great with the orange Mums.  Love the wreath on the door as well.

Diana @ Our Vintage Home does a great job with corn stalks on her porch.  I love those pillows!

This front entry from The Budget Decorator is so stunning that it only needs a simple wreath and some branches to look gorgeous.

I'm amazed at the effort put into these autumn topiaries in urns from this photo on Pinterest.  They are truly unique.

I don't know how I missed out on this monogrammed pumpkin trend that started last year but I absolutely love them!  This porch from On Sutton Place did a great job where her monogrammed pumpkins on black urns. Simple yet so elegant.  I really need to try this!

I really like how people are filling their lanterns with gourds and little pumpkins like this photo on Shelterness.  I have a couple of big lanterns I bought from TJ Maxx on clearance.  Think I'll try this!

This gorgeous home from tumblr Butterflykissesatthebeach is like a fall dream!  When can I move in because i'm in love?

Well, I'm inspired by all these great fall decorating ideas!  Stop back next week when I'll have pictures of my old Victorian porch decorated for fall.  Have a great weekend!