Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Walkway Project - a perfect way to ruin a long holiday weekend

This Memorial Day weekend the Hubby and I are going to start our walkway project.  We've already had the paving company that worked on our driveway, rip out the old asphalt walkways and prep the base.  We ordered Techo-Bloc in shale gray from our local stone dealer which is being delivered this week (just in time to ruin our long weekend).  This is not an inexpensive project but we are saving more than half by attempting the labor ourselves.  The cost for the Techo-Bloc was $4.51 a sq. ft. and we also had to order polymer sand, concrete dust, side caps and spikes.  Total in materials will run about $1,600 to do 255 sq ft of walkway = $6.28 per sq. ft. 

The photo above shows the pavers we ordered from Techo-Bloc and look we are hoping to achieve.  Fingers crossed!!

Before picture of our asphalt walkways.
After the asphalt was removed

The walks are prepped and ready to start our project. 
Wish us luck!  We'll be posting pictures of our progress, trials and tribulations!


Sal Coraccio said...

Really looking forward to seeing it with the new walkway!

Sandy said...

Great job, really makes the house stand out. There is always work on old houses.

Antique Homes and Lifestyle said...

Thanks so much Sandy! I just checked out your blog and followed you! Sounds like we've been going through similar old house renovations! We can compare notes.


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